Unique to Bautzen is the interplay of German and Sorbian culture. The Sorbs are a Slavic minority who have lovingly cultivated their own language, culture and colorful customs for centuries.

Experience Sorbian life and artistic work at the Sorbian Museum and the House of the Sorbs. Sample exclusive Sorbian dishes in the city's restaurants. Or immerse yourself in the culture first hand at the German-Sorbian Folk Theater and the Sorbian National Ensemble.

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Bautzen German-Sorbian Peoples Theater

The Bautzen German-Sorbian Peoples Theater, belonging to the Bautzen district administration, is the only professional bicultural theater in Germany.

Around 1000 events, 25 premieres, a large theater and a puppet theater repertoire, and entertaining theatrical performances await the audiences at the Deutsch-Sorbisches Peoples Theater Bautzen. It attracts more than 140,000 theatre-goers each year. With performances in German, Upper and Lower Sorbian, it is Germany’s only professional theater in which three languages can be heard on stage. The Sorbian productions are simultaneously translated into German by headphones.

In addition to its role as Bautzen’s City Theater, the Deutsch-Sorbische Peoples Theater also serves the Lausitz with regular performances at the theaters in Görlitz, Zittau and Kamenz, in the Lausitzhalle Hoyerswerda as well as smaller productions in the entire Lausitz up to the Spreewald. In Bautzen, the Deutsch-Sorbische Peoples Theater has two venues: the “big house” is the seat of the theater. Since 2003, the Burgtheater on the Ortenburg has been a stage for stage performances of the demanding and contemporary “small form”, the popular puppet theater and The Sorbian children’s and youth theater.

The highlight and finale of each season is the annual open-air theater summer in the courtyard of the historic Ortenburg Castle. This is a theater spectacle for the whole family in the open air.

Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen
großes Haus

Das einzige professionelle bikulturelle Theater Deutschlands

Seminarstraße 12
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 584225
Fax +49 3591 584200

Sorbian National Ensemble

The creative power and the artistic values of the Sorbian traditions are inspirational sources for the creations of the Sorbian National Ensemble. The ensemble was founded in 1952 at the suggestion of the Domowina, the national umbrella organization of the Lausitzer Sorbs. Supported by the Foundation for the Sorbian people, the three professional divisions of the Ballet, Choir and Orchestra maintain, preserve and develop the cultural tradition of the Sorbs.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes contemporary music theater, traditional dance performances handed down from generation to generation, as well as interpretations of classical works of Sorbian and international music history. The multinational Ensemble embodies the living communication between tradition and modernity, between Sorbians and other peoples who live together in this region and who, together, demonstrate extraordinary artistic potential.

Sorbisches National-Ensemble gGmbH

Äußere Lauenstraße 2
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 3580
Fax +49 3591 43096