In addition to its rich history and culture, Bautzen also offers a wide range of possibilities for nature lovers and active holidaymakers. Nestled between the Oberlausitzer Bergland and the Oberlausitzer heath and pond landscape with a UNESCO biosphere reserve, Bautzen possesses a well-developed network of cycling routes, hiking trails, nature trails, bathing and fishing facilities and much more. With the 5-star campsite “Nature and Adventure Camping” located at the Bautzen Reservoir, Bautzen offers the perfect opportunity for a comfortable camping holiday.

Caravan Metropol

Edisonstraße 14
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 2796500
Fax +49 3591 2796501

Rheingas Shop

Niederkainaer Straße 31
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 208734
Fax +49 3591 208733

Touristenparkplatz Schliebenstraße

In der Nähe des Stadtzentrums

Stellplätze: 5 x Bus kombiniert mit Wohnmobil, 100 x Pkw, 3 x Behindertenstellplätze, 4 Wohnmobilstellplätze

Schliebenstraße 24
02625 Bautzen