Panorama-City Tour: Visit Bautzen by mouse click!

With our interactive city tour (author: Peter Wilhelm, Bautzen) you can get a first impression for your visit to the city of Bautzen before you even arrive. You can organize your personal itinerary. The starting point for the discovery tour is the Bautzen signpost on the Reichenstraße.

To start the tour, please click on the picture.

This is how the interactive city tour works

Movement in the panorama » left mouse button or arrow buttons
Zoom » scroll wheel or touchpad
Click on the yellow arrow for a short round trip (approx. 15 min)
Click on the blue arrow for a round trip (about 30 min)
Click on the red arrow » Change to the next panorama picture

Click on the panorama name for information on the displayed panorama. If you click the “blue i”, you will get information about the building. The “Map” button on the upper left of the screen opens an overview map. Clicking on the red markers in the map will take you directly to the selected panorama.