As an interesting business location, Bautzen offers optimal conditions for investors. It enjoys an advantageous geographic location in the border triangle with the Czech Republic and Poland, and  close proximity to the economic centers of Dresden, Berlin, Wroclaw, Liberec and Prague. In addition it is served by excellent transportation links, Bautzen is attractive for small and medium-sized as well as well-known, larger companies.

Strong indigenous, independent companies form a solid economic basis for the business location. Twelve well developed commercial and industrial areas, a modern infrastructure as well as an entrepreneur-friendly administration, are ready to welcome your business to new projects in the area.

Bautzen’s business landscape is characterized by medium-sized companies from a range of industries, including companies well-known throughout Germany and world-wide. Finished products and complete service solutions from Bautzen serve the world market. Research and development in these companies continually extend their existing product expertise and enable them to successfully compete for new business.

The sound financial situation of a debt-free city is a strong basis for the implementation of new projects and ensures long-term planning security.