Seen from a distance, Bautzen‘s array of medieval towers seem to watch over the city, providing the city with its distinctive skyline and character.

Climb the towers – Let your gaze wander! Enjoy spectacular views over Bautzen, the river Spree and the gently rolling landscape of Upper Lusatia. The "Leaning Tower of Bautzen" is a real must for every visitor!

 Tower Of The Rich – the „leaning tower of Bautzen“

(1490–92), leaning by 1.44 meters

St. Nicholas Tower

Lauen Tower

Water Tower

Tanners Bastion

The Old Waterworks

(1558) technical museum and city landmark, 47 meters tall with observation platform, gallery and café

New Waterworks

Mill Bastion

Wendish Tower

Scholars Tower

St. Peter's Cathedral

only interdenominational church in East Germany (since 1524), late Gotic hall church (1213–21, 1497)

Matthew Tower

erected 148–86, with. St. George chapel and M. Corvinus memorial

Castle water tower

Röhrscheidt Bastion