Bautzen and the Oberlausitz are very popular destinations for cyclists. The area is a delight for cyclists, as it boasts a nearly 3,000 km long, well-developed regional cycling network with routes for different abilities and covering different types of terrain. The River Spree and Saxonian City long-distance cycle routes run directly through the urban area of Bautzen.

Spree Cycle Route

The Spree Cycle Route follows the River Spree from its source in the Oberlausitz mountain region to the German capital, Berlin. In the urban area of Bautzen, the route runs from the south along the banks of the river Spree. Riding under the shade of mature trees, the cyclist is treated to glorious views of the wild, romantic river Spree. Passing under the railway viaduct and the Friedensbrücke, the path leads along the picturesque Fischergasse, lined with medieval houses. Shortly afterwards, Bautzen’s old town with the landmark “Old Water Tower” and the “Michaeliskirche” forms a splendid panorama on a granite outcrop in front of you.

For short stays without overnight accommodation, there are two lockers for bags and bikes below the Old Water Tower. On foot, you will pass the legendary Witches House, climbing the steps of the Eselsberg up into the city. A second path leads past the Mühltor (Mill gate) to the old town. It is also worthwhile taking the small detour via the Scharfenwegbrücke up to the Friedensbrücke. From there you can enjoy the beautiful view of the old town silhouette.

The Spree Cycle Route leads along the Mühlstraße, below the Ortenburg Castle and Nikolai Church ruins It then takes you along a tight bend in the River Spree, passing the infamous Bautzen prison (“Yellow Misery”). After that you cycle through the Gesundbrunnen residential area, and a short distance later you reach the Bautzen reservoir.

“Sachsen’s Historic City Route”

The “Sachsen’s Historic City Route” runs approximately 120 km from Hermsdorf, East of Dresden, via Kamenz to Bautzen and then further on to Löbau and finally, Görlitz.
Approaching from the west, you will ride through the villages of Schmochtitz and Temritz to reach Bautzen. You will first come to the district of Seidau, where the path winds through the narrow streets and crosses the river Spree. Then, following the river Spree, cycle route takes you along the base of a mighty granite rock outcrop. From here you can already see the ensemble of the Ortenburg Castle and the Nikolai Church ruins high above the river Spree. The path leads up to the town center via the Gerberstraße.

Bike Touring Tips

Tour to the Saurierpark and its neighbors

Tour to the Saurierpark and its neighbors

Cycle along the Saxon City Route northwards in the direction of Salzenforst. Just one kilometer after Temritz, you come to a road junction. Turn right, and the road leads to the Kleinwelka district of Bautzen. On your way you will pass the entrance to the dinosaur park, the dinosaur garden and the maze. You can find refreshments in the parks and in the immediate vicinity. The return journey can be made from Kleinwelka on the well-developed bike path along the B96 all the way back to Bautzen.
Length of the route: approx. 15 km, not all on bike paths, round trip possible.

Spreetal tours

Short tour:

You ride along the Spree Cycle Path in a southerly direction from the city, through Humboldthain to Grubschütz. Directly on the route is the Bautzen “Spreebad (Outdoor swimming Baths)”, Refreshment stopovers can be made along the Spree Cycle Path and in Grubschütz.

  • Length of the route: approx. 7 km

Medium tour:

You ride on the Spree Cycle Path through Grubschütz and on to Obergurig, where refreshments are available.

  • Distance: about 15 km

Demanding tour:

You will continue along the Spree Cycle Path upstream through Grubschütz, Obergurig, Großpostwitz, Rodewitz and Kirschau to Schirgiswalde.

The “itz/-schütz”-tour

You cycle along ”Sachsen’s Historic City Route“ eastwards to Niederkaina, and on the right hand take a short detour to the Napoleonic Battlefield from 1813. Then you continue to Kreckwitz, Zieschütz, Jenkwitz, Rabitz and Auritz. Returning in the direction of Bautzen, the route takes you through Findlingsweg, the Observatory and the “Naturpark”.
Length of the route: approx. 12–17 km, not through dedicated cycle paths

Note: An information sheet on the tours as well as a detailed cycling and hiking map Bautzen and the surrounding area (1: 35000, 4,90 €) are available in the tourist office Bautzen-Budyšin.

Around Bautzen Reservoir

Cyclists have the opportunity to make a circular tour around the Bautzen reservoir. Starting from Bautzen, the route runs east and north of the lake on existing regional or interregional cycle paths, while the western part follows a minor asphalted road, completing the tour to bring you back to Bautzen again. The section along the Eastern side of the reservoir takes you close to the reservoir beach promenade, where various leisure activities, and refreshment opportunities can be found.

To the north of the reservoir the trail follows the “Sorbian Impressions” cycle path. There you have the opportunity to ride your bike over part of the reservoir dam. An interesting educational trail along the dam provides many interesting details about the local water industry. From the viewing point on the nearby 180-meter-high Gottlobsberg you have a view over the entire lake in the direction of Bautzen. Also a short detour to the nearby Niedergurig ponds is worthwhile, as you will find an 800-year-old giant oak under nature protection. To get into the ponds area, leave the circular route and continue northwards along the Spree Cycle Route.

Returning along the circular path, you will continue on the west side of the reservoir along the asphalt road through the villages of Quatitz, Dahlowitz and the Neumalsitz district of Bautzen. To the south, the return route runs a little further away from the reservoir through the villages of Teichnitz and Seidau in Bautzen. From the Mühlgäßchen there is the possibility to turn off to the “Sachsen’s Historic City Route” (Approx. 4 km) or to the “Bischofsbenno Haus” with its beautiful park in Schmochtitz (approx. 7 km). A few meters further along the Mühlgäßchen there is also the possibility to take a detour on the Spree Cycle Route in a southerly direction or continue northwards to the lake.
If you choose a start and end point directly at the reservoir, the distance for the pure circular route is about 16 km. If you choose the inner city as a starting point and a destination for the round trip, you have to travel a total of approx. 2.2 km further.