Holiday time is family time and needs one thing above all: variety! And that's exactly what you will find in the many holiday possibilities in Bautzen and the surrounding area. Whether your family is large or small - here you can all enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.

Bautzen offers a wide range of attractive family-friendly accommodation to suit all tastes: Cozy vacation apartments hidden away behind historical walls and in listed buildings. Tranquil guesthouses or comfortable star-rated hotels are also geared toward families with children. On the other hand, those who like something a little different, can book a vacation on a campsite or a nearby farm.

Culture & History

City holidays can be boring? Not here! The old town of Bautzen with its small town flair is full of stories and legends. If you feel like exploring and want to learn something new along the way, you've come to the right place! Our medieval buildings transport you to another age, inviting you to explore. Climb the numerous towers and enjoy the views. Visit the pumping station of the "Old Waterworks“ (Alte Wasserkunst) and listen to exciting stories that bring Bautzen’s history to life. Or pay an entertaining visit to the puppet theater in the Ortenburg theatre – guaranteed to bring a smile to your family’s faces!

Our insider tip for you: Easter in Bautzen. Together with your children, join in the centuries-old tradition of egg rolling on the Protschenberg. Listen to the melodious voices of the Easter riders during their processions. Admire the artistically decorated Easter eggs. And if you want, you can let your creativity run wild and try your hand at the various techniques of decorating yourself. Especially for adventurous families, this will make Easter extra special!

Getting out into the countryside

Bautzen is a small town, nestled amongst the hills and plains of the Oberlausitz, so nature is never far away. Stroll along the banks of the romantic river Spree, twisting through granite outcrops, or take in the view while sitting on the Spree steps, as the kids romp in the playground. Hike through the city forest in the Humboldthain or climb to the top of the Czorneboh. From there or other nearby summits you will be rewarded with a fascinating view over Upper Lusatia.

A particular attraction for nature lovers is the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape with the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Pristine nature invites you to hike, bike and explore. With a little luck you can observe not only frogs and other amphibians, but also cormorants, otters, white storks, gray herons and even sea eagles. Always worth a trip is the "House of a thousand Ponds“ „HAUS DER TAUSEND TEICHE". With an interactive and multimedia exhibition, exciting guided tours through the reserve, a variety of events and a nature adventure trail, it is the perfect place for families to explore nature together.

The region is also home to the legend of KRABAT. The KRABAT bike trail and the KRABAT mill offer plenty of thrills and excitement. Unique insights into agricultural life await you in the KRABAT dairy world, for example, on one of the family-friendly adventure tours.

Fun & Adventure

The Dinosaur park in Kleinwelka is the perfect location to experience mighty prehistoric giants at first hand. Want a challenge? The adjacent Maze will definitely bring you and your family together, because finding your way out of here requires some skill.

On hot days you can cool off by taking a plunge in the waters of the Bautzen reservoir. You can also have more active fun on the water by renting a pedal boat or stand up board. The more couragous and adventurous visitor can find their thrills in the forest and high ropes course. You can choose from more than 50 climbing exercises of all difficulty levels to provide an adventurous fun-filled afternoon. Those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, on the other hand, can prove their skills in the nearby Monster Golf Park.

You can find more possibilities on our leisure activities page

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