Mustard is just a food? The Bautz'ner Mustard Museum might surprise you in that regard: Here you can experience the fascinating history of the world-famous Bautz'ner mustard, and also personally taste the variety of stone-ground mustards to purchase as souvenirs to take home.

Mustard is not your thing? No problem. Then visit the Sorbian Museum and experience the unique interplay of two cultures by learning more about the history and life of this Slavic minority, which has made its home here for over a thousand years. Traditional costumes, Sorbian customs and modern art are visualised and brought to life for you.

For those who want to learn more about the history of Bautzen, you will quickly find what you are looking for: In Bautzen’s City Museum, the past comes alive – thanks to the imaginative interactive exhibitions, which enable you to discover and marvel over the city’s history.

The cathedral treasury of St. Peter's is also a very special place: a portable altar from the Lower Rhine, dated around 1220, is the oldest fine artwork in the collection and exemplifies the magnificent 800 years of church life in the region. Other unique pieces are also on display here and make each visit a fascinating new experience.

But that's not all: Those interested in technology and history will also get their money's worth in Bautzen. The Old Waterworks as an outstanding technical monument always delights its visitors. Would you like to know what the legend of the frog is all about? Or why the church spire is positioned off-center? Then come on by and take a look!

Museum Bautzen

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    Sorbisches Museum
    Serbski muzej

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      Domschatzkammer St. Petri

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        Alte Wasserkunst

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          Bautz'ner Senfladen – Manufaktur & Museum

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