Budissin Gallery

The Bautzener Kunstverein (Art Society) e.V., annually presents about eight to ten exhibitions of contemporary painting in the Budissin Gallery. The Bautzener Kunstverein was founded in 1990 on the initiative of the Bautzen sculptor Horst Weiße. The aim of the Kunstverein is the mediation and promotion of contemporary fine arts. Building relationships with regional and international artistic trends is an integral part of the work of the society. The Art Society strives for the freedom of artistic expression.

Galerie Budissin

Zeitgenössische Kunst

Schlossstraße 19
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 42223

City Gallery Brilke

The City Gallery is a framing shop together with a gallery, located in the heart of the old town of Bautzen. The owners, Angelika and Achim Brilke, present classic and modern art in an atmospheric, medieval vaulted gallery.

City-Galerie Brilke

Einrahmungsfachgeschäft und Galerie

Wendische Straße 13
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 530948
Fax +49 3591 531998

Dienstag bis Freitag9.00 bis 18.30 Uhr
Sonnabend9.00 bis 13.00 Uhr

Elke’s Galerie

Just off the beaten track, but very close to the main market – Siebergasse 5 – you will find my small gallery where you can find pictorial memories as reproductions or in originals, postcards with beautiful views of the city of Bautzen, framed landscapes and much more.

Elke’s Galerie
Elke Burkhardt

Siebergasse 5
02625 Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 597527

freitags16.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
sonnabendsab 10.00 Uhr
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