Event highlights 2020

The Birds Wedding Vogelhochzeit (Ptači kwas)
January 25th

One of the most widely celebrated customs, and one particularly popular with children is Ptači kwas / The Birds Wedding. On the morning of January 25, a plate filled with sweets and special pastries is placed outside the house on a window ledge. These are symbolic gifts of the birds that celebrate the wedding on this day, and which thank the children for feeding them on cold winter days. The Vogelhochzeit is celebrated by many nursery and other schools in the Lausitz. In some areas, Wedding Societies of children – mostly those of the Catholic Sorbs – in traditional Sorbian costume are enacted. On the theater stage, the Vogelhochzeit is celebrated in a performance by Bautzen’s Sorbian National Ensemble.

Easter in Bautzen
10th to 13nd of April

Easter events do not take place!

Bautzen is the home for the traditional German-Sorbian Easter festival. There are a lot of colorful Easter specialties, particularly the tradition of decorating Easter eggs. This takes place five weeks before Easter, and in many locations you can watch the artists at work, as they intricately decorate their eggs, using four different techniques to apply beautiful patterns to the shells.

On Easter Sunday, the highlights are the Easter Riders procession, the Easter Market, and egg-rolling at the Protschenberg in Bautzen.


Pub Tour Live
May 2th

In early May every year, around 20 bars and restaurants in the city open their doors for an evening of live music and entertainment. It’s a chance to try out as many places as you can manage in one evening! This sociable event attracts a wide audience, including fans of different music genres, to in Bautzen's old town centre, which is known for having one of the highest numbers of pubs for its size in Germany.

Bautzen spring
May 29st to June 1nd


The traditional city festival takes place annually on the last complete May weekend and offers a colorful cultural program: street theater, live music, children’s festival, crafts and a flea market, gastronomy and much more. On the Saturday, the city center is a showplace for the many clubs, associations and societies of Bautzen.


The Long Night of Culture
June 6th


The cultural institutions of Bautzen open their doors late into the evening at the beginning of June with special events and exhibitions. A combination entrance ticket allows you to visit several venues. It’s a great way to see Bautzen’s cultural specialities in a new light. Guided tours, culinary surprises, readings, music and social activities provide an exciting program throughout the evening.

Bautzener Summer Theater
June 25th to August 2th

Every year, the German-Sorbian Folk Theater in Bautzen presents an open-air theatre production during June July and August. This takes place in the dramatic setting of the Ortenburg Castle square.


Lausitz Summer Music
14 to 10 August

This regional music festival featuring numerous events in and around Bautzen takes place every two years.


Bautzener Mustard Weeks
August 13th to September 8st

Original Bautz’ner mustard specialty dishes – mild – piquant – fiery – served in the restaurants of the city – these are the Bautz’ner Mustard weeks, which take place every year for three weeks in August and September.


Water | Art | Light - Old Town Festival
28 to 30 August

Experience a journey back in time to the Middle Ages and be enchanted by the artistic performances.

International Bautzen City Center Run
September 6th

Running enthusiasts get their money’s worth at the Bautzen City Run, the largest Bautzen running event, which is held at the beginning of September. Anyone can take part if they think they are up to it – they don’t have to be a professional. There are runs with different distances – depending on age – allowing for a wide field of participants. The runs take place in Bautzen’s City Park in the area of Wallstraße and Schilleranlagen.


Listed Buildings Open day
September 13th

The nationwide open day for Listed Buildings finds a particularly strong echo in Bautzen, with it’s rich treasure of historical architecture. Dozens of listed buildings open their doors for visitors on this day, with an extensive supporting program.

Harvest Festival Pub Night: Bautzen’s Pub Landlords invite you!
October 2nd

With live music and free entry, Bautzen’s pubs celebrate the traditional Harvest festival on October 2nd.

Romantica – the Bautzen shopping and entertainment evening
November 7nd

Bautzen invites you to a very special shopping experience every year at the beginning of November. For this popular shopping and experience evening, around 200 shops in the city center are open from 4 pm to 10 pm to charm visitors with its romantic flair and special surprises for their customers.


Bautzen Christmas Market
November 27th to December 22nd

Germany’s oldest Christmas market attracts many visitors to the romantic Bautzen Old Town, with over 100 retailers and Gastronomy purveyors, a Father Christmas grotto, events on the Advent weekends and an extensive cultural program, starting from the 1st Advent weekend