Honorary citizens of the city of Bautzen

Since 2002, the city of Bautzen has taken advantage of the opportunity to honor a number of its citizens, who have distinguished themselves through exemplary civic engagement, and who have made a contribution to the well-being of the city and its citizens. Residents and institutions can make appropriate nominations, which are then examined and decided on by the City Council. The highest recognition for deserving citizens is the award of Honorary Citizenship. Its principles were approved in the “Statutes on the award of the Honorary Citizenship of the City of Bautzen” in 2001. On this basis, selected individuals were presented with this award for the first time in 2002.

Jan Buck

The Sorbian painter Jan Buck has been influential in Bautzen for four decades. The City Council honored his outstanding contributions to the development of art in our city and the region on the eve of his 85th birthday with the award of Honorary Citizen.

Jan Buck was born on 2 August 1922 in Nebelschütz, a district of Kamenz. After school and military service he studied from 1947 to 1950 in the Polish city of Wroclaw, then until 1953 in Dresden. In addition to his artistic work, Jan Buck spent twenty years as an art teacher at the Sorbian High School in Bautzen, and has also supervised talented boys and girls from the city and the region. His influence as a lecturer at the evening school in the Bautzen branch of the Dresden University of Fine Arts was particularly effective.

Jan Buck has been a stimulus and role model for a whole series of younger artists. In 1991 he joined the Sorbian Artists’ Union. Study trips and open-air painting engagements led him to various European countries. He became internationally well known through personal exhibitions in several German cities, in Poland and France and also participation in exhibitions in many European countries. He has been awarded, among other recognitions, The Jakub-Bart Cisinski Prize, the Bautzen Art Prize and the Oberlausitz Art Prize.

Jan Buck is the most important contemporary Sorbian artist. For the first time, his painting, with a historically conditioned folkloristic approach, raised Sorbian visual art to a prominent level, opening up new dimensions of art. Jan Buck is primarily a painter, and he prefers oil painting and watercolor. Since the beginning of the 1980s the open cast brown coal mining landscapes of the central Lausitz have been a central theme of his work. In his works, he depicts the destruction of an intact landscape, but in his painterly execution he also creates harmony and beauty.

List of Honorary Citizens of the City of Bautzen

The following people have been recognised Honorary Citizens of the city of Bautzen up to now:

Helga Schwarz (1928–2014)
Awarded Honarary Citizenship in 2002.
Biography of Helga Schwarz

Dr. Siegfried Seifert (1936–2013)
Awarded Honarary Citizenship in 2002.
Biography of Dr. Siegfried Seifert

Herbert Flügel (1908–2007)
Awarded Honarary Citizenship in 2006.
Biography of Herbert Flügel

List of Honorary Citizens of the City of Bautzen before 2002

1895: Hermann of Salza and Lichtenau (1829–1915), Freiherr, Kreishauptmann to Bautzen

1895: Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of the Reich

Gertrud Bobek (1898–2000), politician (KPD/SED), former State Secretary and Deputy GDR Minister for National Education 1954 to 1958, Honorary Citizenship rescinded.