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Bautz'ner Mustard made by Develey from Kleinwelka

Bautzen: A prospering business location in Sachsen and the new German States

Bautzen, as a modern, forward looking business location, is not only the most important employment centre in the region, but also the German Employment-Champion! With 620 socially insured jobs per 1,000 inhabitants, current rankings show that Bautzen is in a leading position in Germany.

Change in number of Inhabitants 2000/2008211164
Inhabitants forecast 2020381105
Change in employment in Service Sector 2000/2007241129
Change in employment in Manufacturing Sector 2000/20071721102
Employed per 1000 inhabitants in Service Sector 20071091612
Employed per 1000 inhabitants in Manufacturing Sector 2007922484
Inward commuters per 1000 inhabitants 20081512612
Outward  commuters per 1000 inhabitants 200822224511
Change in number of overnight stays10161318
Number of overnight stays per 1000 inhabitants 20072741011
Car ownership  per 1000 inhabitants 2008211191720
Purchasing power level 2009321175
Change in purchasing power level 2001/200916561117
Retail Trade centrality 2009171241615
Retail trade turnover  per 1000 inhabitants 2009322175
Total number in Ranking116122136144150
Position in City Comparison12345

Source: GMA-InfoDienst Ludwigsburg, Dipl.-Geogr. Oliver Behrens, October 2009

Two thirds of these jobs are held by incoming commuters. As the business and administrative centre of the Oberlausitz region, we are a successful component of the economic region around Dresden. One of the key preconditions for this success is the excellent transport infrastructure. Bautzen, located on the Trans-European development axis, the State Highway 4, has three intersections serving the city, along with the many “A roads” focusing on the city from all directions, ensuring shortest distances and excellent connections. The railway connection to Bautzen and a well developed regional airport in Bautzen-Litten serve to connect Bautzen with the outside world.

Global Players such as Bombardier Transportation, Cideon, Develey, Edding, Hentschke Bau, itelligence, Leoni, Orgelbau Eule, Vodafone and many others are typical of this widely diversified business location. Products “Made in Bautzen” are in demand worldwide.

Our core competencies lie in the key industries of universal vehicle construction, building and construction, processing/shaping of plastic materials, SAP/IT services, machine tool and system construction, engineering, writing instruments, food and drink industries, skilled manual trades, wholesaling, logistics and many others.

Lucrative Industrial and Business Parks and favourable cost structures make locating in Bautzen particularly effective. Only 25 minutes away from the State capital of Dresden, businesses here can benefit from the highest levels of financial support for their investments.

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