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Partner Cities

Stadtwappen der Partnerstädte Bautzens

The city of Bautzen has established special friendship links with five European cities: in France with Dreux (since 1992), in the Czech Republic with Jablonec nad Nisou (since 1993), in Poland with Jelenia Gora (since 1993) and in the west of Germany with Worms (since 1990) and Heidelberg (since 1991).

These twinning city arrangements live from the activities of the inhabitants of the twinned towns. Several circles of friends and partnership associations have been founded and they have organised a wide range of activities to bring together people from these different towns and cities.

Twinning city association Bautzen (incorporated society)
Chairman Tomasz Nawka
Tuchmacherstr. 44
Phone: +49 35 91 44544


Figures and Facts
Federal state Baden-Württemberg
Inhabitants 138 000
Distance 604 km
Ratification of the twinning city arrangement 29.6.1991 und 27.9.1991
Mayor Dr. Eckhart Würzner


Figures and Facts
Federal state Rhineland-Palatinate
Inhabitants 80 000
Distance 648 km
Ratification of the twinning city arrengement 26.6.90 und 15.10.90
Mayor Michael Kissel
Twinning city association Bautzen (incorporated society)
Head Ulrich Heinemann
Straße der Jugend 1
Telephone 30 66 81

The town lies in the northern lowland plain of the Upper Rhine. Its location at the intersection of important trunk-roads and behind the dams on both sides of the Rhine-River banks favoured its foundation there. The place has been populated permanently since prehistoric times . Worms history dates back into pre-Roman times. During the five thousand years of its history the town lived to see its highest splendour being ruled by counts, bishops and emperors.
During the late Middle Ages of the Staufer monarchy the ´Reichstage´ lent the medival town a new significant position among the German towns.
The Thirty Years´ War, the French Revolution and World War II caused the loss of the town's importance and of a large part of its estimable fabric of buildings.

Today Worms is the portal to the vine-yards of Rhine-Hesse. Most important economic factors of the Rhine-Hesse area are determined by chemical and synthetic industries as well as by craft.
It provides numerous possibilities for active recreation: in the art-collections of the Heylshof, the municipal play- and festival house, in the green spaces and parks, at the Dalberg Castle in Herrnsheim and at the annual "Backfischfest" ( a teeny-girls fair) on the last days of August. Nevertheless, the cathedral (Kaiserdom), the churches of St. Andrew, St. Martin and St. Paul, as well as the monument to Martin Luther, the oldest Jewish grave-yard in Europe and the oldest Synagoge in Germany bear witness to Worms' great past.